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You can book a room in zone 1 or 2 house / flat share automatically by using the booking form on the right. Please fill in this booking form. To make a reservation You will then be taken to a secure payment page and charged 1 week holding deposit. You will receive an email confirmation with all information regarding the check in procedure, your arrival date. Upon arrival you will need to pay an additional 1 week rent as deposit and your first two weeks rent - adjusted to a Saturday.

Alternatively you may call us or email us for more info or to make a booking on
phone: 0044 203 588 8400 or
email: flatshares@london99.com

Please contact us directly if you are interested in renting a whole house or flat in London.

If you require an Official Accommodation Letter or would like to book on weekly basis for special price £85 per week please click here.
Flatshare Booking Terms & Conditions:
  • The first week holding deposit will go towards your deposit on moving in. It is non refundable.
  • Updated for new Tenancy Deposit Protection Law (06.04.07)

    Due to the new government legislation, landlords are required to insure tenantsí deposits. This only applies to tenants renting whole rooms or flats. It does not apply to people renting a bed in a twin room on a license agreement. To comply with this new law but to minimise your costs we offer the following rental options:

    • Standard, insured deposit: Pay a deposit of 2 weeks plus an additional administration charge of £39. We will insure your deposit with an external insurance provider. The deposit will then be insured and returned upon termination of stay (moving out day) provided you donít owe for any arrears or damage. Two weeks rent will also be required in advance pro rated to the first Saturday of the stay. Rent will then be required each Saturday, 1 week in advance.
    • Weekly payment via standing order: For tenants wanting to pay on a weekly basis who already have a UK bank account, they can choose to pay four weeks rent on the day of moving in, pro rated in advance to the first Saturday of the stay. Weekly rent will then be required one week in advance. No deposit or admin fee will then be required. However, tenants will be required to provide an up to date bank statement and will be required to pay their rent by standing order (direct bank transfer) and will need to complete a standing order mandate prior to moving in.
    • Monthly payment: For tenants willing to pay on a monthly basis, two months rent will be required by the day of moving in. The amount will be pro rated in advance to the first day of each month. Monthly rent will then be required one month in advance. No deposit will then be required, and therefore no admin fee will be due.
    • Pre-payment: If the duration of the stay is known and relatively short the entire duration of your stay can be paid for upfront. You will be required to leave official photo ID which will be returned when you depart. You will also need to fill out a termination (moving out) notice on arrival. Again this option will require no deposit and therefore no admin fee.
  • The booked room may be changed on arrival, but only according to availability.
  • The landlord reserves the right to refuse a tenancy or license without being needing required to provide a reason. In such a case any holding deposit already paid will be refunded in full.
  • Prior to moving into the accommodation tenants/guests are likely to be required to sign a standard tenancy or license agreement. If they refuse to sign this contract then the landlord has the right to refuse to grant access to the accommodation and has the right to keep any holding deposit that has been paid.
  • Checking into booked accommodation must be done between 12 midday and 6 pm. Clients need to bring official photo ID to the landlord office and allow 30 minutes to complete registration and contracts.
  • All money owed must be paid in full in clear funds before possession of the accommodation will be granted.
  • If the booked accommodation is for whatever reason unavailable the landlord will try to find a suitable alternative or will offer a full refund of any money already paid. No further liability shall be attached to the landlord.
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